Thursday, April 30, 2015

One of the best trekking blogs I've ever encountered. Love its Hawaiian Travels section. And of course the Anime Pilgrimage.


Sunday, April 26, 2015


From left to right: Kaworu Nagisa, Rei Ayanami, Mari Illustrious Makinami, Shinji Ikari, Asuka Langley Soryu

Even though NGE is one of my favourite anime series, I don't recommend people to watch it. The content is somewhat not suitable for average viewers.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Sunday, April 12, 2015

I am not a proper audiophile. I don't even own any headphones amp. The most I could call myself is just an audiophile wannabe. That is pretty much correct since I am all getting tired of listening to shitty music quality the Internet has offered us these days. The likes of mp3, mp4, and what not. I know there are some FLAC-quality music lurking around in the Internet but heck, nobody gives you those files for free. You have to pay even for a dollar. And being a student, I have no credit card whatsoever to deal with those stuffs. And then there is this dark, not-so-illegal thing called as torrents. And I think I am pretty much safe then. Nothing to worry anymore. Deal is considered done. But then, not so fast; as my Internet connection whispers to me. I can't torrent anymore and I'm just here, listening to old crappy quality music. I need some music CDs again I guess.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Setiap inci tubuh wanita itu diratah dengan penuh serakah. Tiada satu cebisan daging ditinggalkan. Tiada satu titik darah dibazirkan. Kecuali rambut, tulang-belulang keras dan lemak. Yang lain semuanya dimanfaatkan dengan teliti dan berhati-hati. Usahanya selama tiga bulan setengah membuahkan hasil. Dia kenyang dengan hasil santapannya pada kali ini. Terlalu kenyang sehingga dia tidak mampu lagi hendak bangun membersihkan pakaiannya yang penuh dengan percikan darah wanita tersebut dan darahnya sendiri. Sisa-sisa lemak putih kekuningan yang terpercik bergantungan, terbuai liar masih utuh melekat dan mengering di setiap sudut pakaiannya. Dia hanya membiarkan kerana dia tidak begitu menggemari lemak sebagaimana daging dan darah. Dia sendawa tenang sambil bersandar di dinding, cukup puas dengan santapan lazatnya pada hari ini. Bilik yang kian hanyir itu menjadi saksi segala-galanya.

Sunday, April 5, 2015


I glanced at her, lazily. She was there, sitting on the bench, facing rows of roses her mother had planted a few weeks back. The roses were pinkish red, as red as her blushing cheeks glowing in the hot evening sun she was bathing herself in. I didn't know what she was thinking, as her smile seemed to be drawn to the roses. Perhaps, she was daydreaming. I couldn't quite figure it out especially these few days. She was acting weirdly for quite some time; like something was bothering her so deep in her conscious mind that nothing can shake her thoughts. At times, I thought she was lost in her own world.

I noticed her dumping old diaries - one of the things she kept dearly in her collection - in the thrash bin a few days earlier. She even stopped her daily jog since last two weeks. This sudden changes were weird indeed. Something was clearly not right.

"Let's go out tonight. I have been wanting to eat some good steak since last week."

"Holawest?" She asked, without looking away from the roses she had been staring at.

"Yes. Do you have any other place that serves good steaks? We can go there."

"Oh come on. Holawest is the best place. We both know it."

"Alright then. 8 pm."


I chose to invite her to dine there simply because the atmosphere is good - apart from the food of course. Facing the beach, gentle breeze that lazily sweeps our faces while enjoying the good food under the dark sky adorned by thousand of stars. And the place is not too crowded. What more can I ask for? The ambience is just perfect for us.

"You know, if you have something you want to share with me, you can just tell. You look like you are in your own world these days."

"I have been in my own world since forever." She smiled drearily, looking bored, as if I have been asking the same question again and again for these few days.

"I know. It's just I have noticed a few changes in you quite recently. You can just open up to me if you want to."

"There is really nothing happening. I just need a new air."

"Well, that explains a bit." I chuckled, not really understanding what she said.

"You know. I have been avoiding the park I usually go to. There are too many guys there, not jogging but staring at girls. I have been thinking of doing something else. Like cycling."

"I see. Now that really explains it."

"Is the steak good?"

"It is. Have a bite." I shoved it to her. 

"Nah, I want to have mine. I'll order one to eat at home later."

"Goodness. You are already full with pasta. There is no way your stomach can fit another meal."

"I know I can. I always know I can. I will exercise later for this extra calories. Been dreading to do some stretch, but always ended up doing nothing at mother's colourful lawn."

We both giggled, as the waiter came to our table to take her order.

"So when can we get your bike to get rid of your extra calories?"

"Tomorrow, can I?"

"Tomorrow it is."

"You have other things you want to know about, right? I knew it already. Mother has told me you have been asking her about the diaries I thrashed."

Now the table has turned.

"Well, I didn't really throw them away. I collected them back the other day. The past needs to be embraced, not dreaded upon. You taught me how." 

Her eyes glistened bright under the dim reflection of lights, accentuated by her glowing infectious smile - satisfied with how she diminished my doubts. I was lost at words for a few seconds there - just displaying her my mixture of emotions - of relief and heartfelt warmth - which were what I had been looking for in these few days. 

"So, any more doubts, sir?"

"No ma'am. You read my mind too well."

And she glorified herself with her self-satisfied smirk across her face while finishing her last sip of drink.