Sunday, January 11, 2015

Of Dormancy And Manifestation

I haven't tweeted much lately. I am more comfortable to made posts on Facebook, because I feel noticed there. I feel appreciated. And I feel good about it. It is not like I am seeking attention or some kind of recognition, but I just feel I can write more stuffs there and feel good about it. Even so, it does not in any way means I feel left out being on Twitter. It is just I have made it dormant for the moment. I am still there, but just being a spectator most of the time. This blog is also one of the victims of my dormancy for the time being.

Ala sebenarnya aku malas nak tulis. Lepas tu aku takde idea. And my life right now is pretty much in mess. Oh, I love being in mess, am I?

Okay back to the topic.
Wait. What was the topic again?
Ah, screw it!

Okay, I am liking this one doll. Not one but two. And heck, they are pricey. But they are super nice and good looking so why not? And someone says I am creepy for liking those pretty dolls. For now, I am in the mood of liking them. So much that I posted pictures of them almost everyday on my Facebook. I hope I am not creeping people out.

But you know what? I love being called like that. I love the idea of being a creep. Creepy sounds so cool, don't you think? I mean, you haven't encountered many creeps, so be thankful for having me to add to your list. :p

Even so, it is not really a creepy thing honestly. It is just a manifestation of my loneliness.

Yes, I am lonely, and I am trying to outlive it the best I can.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

I glanced at the cyclist who had just stopped at the end of the road a few minutes later than me. She didn't look amateurish, riding clipless and had a power meter stuck in front of the handlebar. It was SRM no less. She was in a white-black cycling outfit, matching her metallic white S-Works Tarmac and all-black Ultegra groupset very well. She must have been a loyal fan of Specialized since she also had an S-Works Prevail as her protection lid - the very same as mine - except mine was an older version. It didn't take me long to approach her and say hi. And the rest was history. We sped ourselves on the straight coastal road together, sharing the pacing work, as if we were teammates. When I was at the front doing the pacing, she followed closely - her front tire trailing just inches from my rear tire - and we were averaging at 45 km/h, gaining advantage of the tailwind. She got a lot of real guts I must say, and her endurance was pretty impressive too. A real no-nonsense recreational cyclist she is. We then stopped at the other end of the 8-km coastal road after having fun riding as fast as we can. We were clearly exhausted at the end of it but we definitely had fun and shared some cycling stories that evening before we parted our way home. Two of us, strangers no more but fellow cyclists we look after to hang out with for the next ride.

Friday, January 2, 2015