Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Have to find someone to buy Hartini for me. It's hard to get I suppose?

Monday, August 26, 2013

Hartini, by Aziz Afkar, and Tenggelamnya Kapal van der Wijck by Hamka.

I have to find these two novels.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

August 2013 Part 2

Depan trek joging Bukit Bauk

Itu puncak Bukit Bauk

Ambil gambar kasut dulu sebelum naik

Hari tengah hujan rintik-rintik time ni

Ada denai dalam ni memang selalu digunapakai oleh jungle trekkers

Berhenti ambil gambar dulu kejap

Kawan-kawan kepenatan, ada yang hampir cramp

Lepas hujan haruslah ada pelangi!

Teluk Lipat. Ada sorang pakcik tengah mancing.

Teluk Lipat Selatan

Teluk Lipat Utara

Lepas ride, balik rumah tukar pakaian dan datang lepak pantai jap

How can I not love this place?

Lots of casuarinas lining the beach

Bukit Bauk again. This time I went with my brother, my sister and her friend.

Sungai Paka from afar

Touch this gate and you've reached the summit!

Petronas Santong can be seen too. My friend said it's a haunted place.

Stopping for a while to enjoy the view on our way back from the summit

What's better than admiring the scenery at weekend's morning?

One of the telecommuncation towers on Bukit Bauk

Posing kejap

More posing

This is not the summit, but it's quite high already

Last pose before going down the hill

My first time with this shoes

Did we just get back from that summit???

It's quite hazy. If it wasn't, Pulau Tenggol can be clearly seen. Nonetheless, still a spectacular view up here.

August 2013

Some random pics

Sporting Shimano 105 SPD-SL clipless pedals

My old workhorse now being used by my little brother

Nearing the end of Ramadhan, it looks deserted here

Looks like a good place to learn lure casting

My new tackle box, a little bigger, with new stuffs

At home after trying-out-my-new-shoes riding session

My first day of casting using Eupro's lures

There are fishes here, but I haven't got any

This is Kg. Rajawali river bank.

Rajawali riverside fishing preparation

I used small-cut shrimps as bait

Now this is Ma's bubur pulut hitam (black glutinous rice dessert). Yummy!

I think this is the most perfect knot I've ever made on a hook. Hahaha. What a beginner I am.

Shimano Nexave 2500FC for light spinning

My medium (Aernos XT 4000) and light spinning sets.

Still preparing stuffs for first time fishing here

Nice view. That's Bukit Bauk from afar.

Easily one of my favourite fishing pics. Kudos to the nice silhoutte job from my sister!

Sungguh tenang di sini. Sumpah tenang gila. We all love this place!

What has caught my attention?

Some say this is Okinawa.

All my workhorses. The bottom one is just one week old.