Thursday, April 25, 2013


First day of fishing..well, not really, I just practised casting lead sinker at the beach.
I practised till I had the confidence of throwing the line properly.
I cut my pointing finger deep from the line that ran freely from the spool while casting. It was deep it didn't bleed out.
I became traumatized and have to use plaster since then to protect my finger during casting.
Second day of fishing is when I started fishing.
The numbers are the trips.

0. Fishing practice - Learned how to cast properly
1. gelama x1 (my first fish - I threw it back into the confluence)
2. gelama x1, bebulus x1
3. bebulus x1 (it was barbecued right on the beach)
4. gelama x1, bebulus x3 (my first double hook up - gelama and bebulus combo)
5. gerut-gerut x2 - my first fishing trip on tongkang
6. duri x3 (learned from Pak Andi how to release ikan duri from hook)
7. sotong - caught it by hand at the shoreline. I got no fish that night.

With the knowledge I gained from Zaim (my fishing sifu), Azam (Zaim's cousin) and Pak Andi (an Indonesian contract worker who works at towboat), I am now confident enough to try any water to cast my line. Hehe.

Oh, I also bought another reel & rod. A smaller one for river/confluence/pond fishing.
My first reel is Shimano Nexave 6000FC and rod is Shimano Cruzar 2902, a 9 feet rod for beachcasting. (Total cost plus lines, sinkers, hooks, swivels, box: RM323) Bought on first of April 2013. I got my first fish on April 5 late night/early morning. I was away from home for 2 days, going to KL, explaining the lag between time of owning a fishing set and fishing trip.
So about the newer reel it is Shimano Aernos XT 4000 combined with a 7" rod from Eupro, Tornado Spin. (Total cost: RM320). This, I intend for river/confluence/pond use.
Both rods and reels are actually very new, since I am just 3 weeks into fishing.
I use Maruto hooks, size 13 and Seahawk barbel swivel with safety snap size 6. For the mainline, I use Japanese made 35lb line by Bocean, and for the shockleader, Sasame Co-Polymer 7.92kg (betul ke apa aku tulis ni weh, aku dah la tak reti istilah-istilah mancing dalam English ni).

Fishing is not money consuming. It's all about fun and enjoying it. With a budget of RM300, you are good to go. Of course you still can buy complete fishing equipments with just RM100 in your pocket, but trust me, you will want good equipments that will serve you better with satisfaction.

What am I thinking? Getting a larger equipment box that can store my spare mainline, knife and torchlight.

What is my dream reel? Shimano Stella SW.

Why Shimano? Because I am a Shimano die-hard fan! While for Zaim, it's Banax.