Tuesday, January 29, 2013


hari ini kulihat lembayung kian pudar
dibasahi rintik dan renyai semalam
dan kotak rasa kian kelabu tenggelam
hilang dalam terang
lemas dalam tangisan

awan sebak berarak kencang
bernyanyi lagu iramanya duka
mendung di hati bukan kepalang
menahan ribut dan taufan sengsara
yang tidak jemu datang menyapa

hari ini kulihat lembayung kian kelam
warnanya pudar berbalam-balam
mungkin inilah cinta dan sayang
yang semakin jauh di awan sana
melayang dan menghilang 
di angkasa yang kita ciptakan

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Chop! Kejap kejap kejap...!

Nasi padang tu masakan Johor ke? Nampak sangat sedap dan menyelerakan!

p/s: I hate you people who put pictures of good food on the Internet. I hate you!

I walked to the beach this morning to see the sunrise. The walk was a chilly one with body-freezing air all around me, despite me wearing a sweater. It's undeniably cold this morning, perhaps due to heavy rain last night. The road was still wet, so did the grass, laden with raindrops. It was still dark, but I can see some reflections of the roadside lamps in the puddles on the road, here and there. The wind blew; it was just a gush of cold air, engulfing me in the chilly morning darkness. It was a quiet morning, when people were still in their bed, sleeping in their deepest dreams and I was on the road, walking towards the beach. I smiled faintly when the sound of waves, the salty breeze and the silhoutte of tall casuarinas greeted me. It was the end of the monsoon season - and there I was, standing alone on the whole stretch of the coastline, thanking God, for which I was still alive to live this morning of just me, and what I have been loving all my life.

I was just a thin mist in the air; cold, barely moving emotion, cuddled by the darkness and vanishes when the sun shines.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

I was fortunate I didn't broke my metacarpals. Even so, it was painful as hell. I don't know what makes me think my closet is, umm, somehow...softer than a punching bag.

Another funny thing, I collapsed on the floor soon after standing up from sitting too long. This has happened before, must be my blood pressure running too low. Luckily my head didn't hit the closet that hard.

Forget all those, this song sounds good. I don't understand what this song says, but I surely like the tunes.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Yes, Lance doped. But everybody doped too. All the winners doped too. They can't possibly finished those grueling TdF stages without being doped.

Now, Lance is the only target. As if he's the only cyclist who doped in the peloton. Poor him.

People should've understood what professional sport really is, especially cycling. Dope here, dope there, but don't get caught. Once you get caught, you will be in a deep shit. True story.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

I've been listening to this song over and over again for this few days, a week or so.

Beautiful song, beautiful cover.

I hope my love doesn't hurt,


I still love you.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

All this while, I believed I can float myself in the air and go wherever I wanted to. But that was bloody wrong.

It was only in my dream. I had countless of dreams like that - having the ability to float myself in the air and go wherever I liked to.

Last night I dreamed of discovering a few graves nearby my house, in an old abandoned under-construction house. Later then, I floated myself home, and saw about 6 - 7 men, all dressed in white robes (jubah) and wearing skullcaps (kopiah). They were in front of my house, somewhat in a manner that they were there waiting for me.

I went inside my house. There was my maternal grandmother (She passed away a few years ago). She just sat on a comforter on the floor, and my sister was there too. My grandmother was sick. I told my sister about the white-robed people outside of our house, but she said she didn't see anybody outside. Later I figured out that I was the only one who can see those guys. Somehow, those guys conveyed me a message, I wasn't sure in what way because I didn't speak to them. All I knew was, they told me that my grandmother was going to pass away in 2 days time. The men outside my house made me think, of who they really were. The dream ended till that point.

Friday, January 11, 2013

My Theory Of Time

My Theory Of Time

Sudden realization of what time is (well this is just my theory, I might be wrong). This is very basic, and according to my theory of time, time exists only in the Universe. Outside from the Universe, there is no time. Time does not exist beyond that. So, when time exists in our Universe, it functions within the Universe itself. Beyond that, there is simply no time - limitless, no boundary. But hey, the boundary/limit of our Universe itself can't be determined, but in this theory, just consider the boundary of the Universe is known.

When there is no time outside the Universe, so what is there? Only God knows. And when there is no time, it will be limitless; infinity. Yeah, that's what infinity is (or what I think it is).

This theory of time came when I was lying on my bed. It just came. I was so intrigued by this and started looking up for the theory of time proposed by others. And I found out a diagram by NASA, which describes the timeline of the Universe, and I think that is an interesting find, since it can be used to represent my idea quite well, although the diagram by NASA is not meant to be so - yeah, it does not represent what time is, just showing what our Universe's timeline is.

This is NASA's diagram.

NASA's Universe Timeline

Okay, so what I'm trying to say is, in the above NASA's diagram, outside the Big Bang Expansion, there will be no time. Time does not exist beyond that. Time only exists within the Big Bang Expansion, which is our Universe.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Friday, January 4, 2013

Sexy bikes are sexy.
The below one is a lady's bike though.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Some serious stuffs going on here.

I miss my road bike already...

I never liked this song before but she sings it good. I feel jealous with her falsetto.


Well, one of my dreams is to form a musical band. I don't know who my band members are going to be. So if you can play any musical instrument and is interested, do contact me. We will not be a full-fledged band. Just for the sake of playing as a hobby and love for the music. I need a lead guitarist, a drummer and a second guitarist. Guess what I'll be playing? A bass of course!
If you play any other instruments other than mentioned above like saxophone, or turntable, or angklung or whatever it is and is interested in joining this, please contact me too a.s.a.p.


Have A Blessed New Year! ;)

Oh wait. I need a singer too. 
nak main saksofon sebab 2 lagu tu je. sape2 ada saksofon nak pinjam please.

oh, tolong ajar sekali sebab tak pernah main pun.