Sunday, September 23, 2012


Just added another pair of Oakley sunglasses to my collection. It is RadarLock with blood orange frame and fire iridium polarized vented lens. It comes with another set of lens - persimmon vented. So I have two set of lenses in total. It was a bargain. Oakley's website says this RadarLock is $300. I got it at $260. Can't wait to ride with it.

Thursday, September 13, 2012


Honestly speaking, I've lost the privileges that I used to have before. Maybe not all, but some. Some previous moments, some treasured times. I will surely miss those for sure.


"I'm jumping off this cliff."

"Okay. Sure." She answered, without even looking at me. Without even thinking anymore I guessed. If you want to die, please do so alone. I guessed that's what in her mind.

And I jumped. It was a 300-foot cliff, hanging on a rocky steep of the coast. It was a perfect jump I reckoned. Head first. I hit the water hard, very hard that I can't see anything after the jump. It was all blackness all of a sudden. I opened my eyes but all I can see was blackness. I can't see anything. I was blinded. The chillness of the water cramped my muscles. I tried to swim, but it was too painful. My body ached everywhere. I tried to surface, but my efforts were useless. I can't swim anymore. I tried to breathe, it was almost impossible. I struggled to make every possible effort to surface. But the current was too strong, so heavy that it drifted me away, away from the point where I hit the water before. Suddenly, a thought crossed my mind and I knew what this was all about. I said to myself, this is it.


Yeah, it has been awkwardly shy these days. I don't know how it happens, but it does happen. Is this the price I have to pay? If it is, I accept it as it is. I don't know how things will go from here, or where it will lead me to. It has been quite a journey though. Now, I'm here all alone going through the nights, the days, weeks by weeks, wondering what I am going to do. Do nothing, perhaps? To do nothing, well, I should say, is one of the difficult things to do. Hmm.


Okay, moving on. This is what I imagined today. I imagined of having my own small place, a house, a rented apartment to be precise, that I rented from a newly-wed couple, who just moved to another better house. They left me a new sofa set, a TV rack, a dining table set for six, and a complete bedroom set. Okay, I lied. They didn't left me those. They sold it to me. And I bought those furniture. I have been living for quite a time now, and I pretty much liked the place. It was mylonelyplace.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Monday, September 3, 2012

Random Pics

Berehat di pantai sekejap selepas penat mengejar team dari Selangor.

I intend to capture the hill behind, you know...

If I am nowhere to be found, search me here.

The first day after getting home. It's somewhere in KT.

The backgorund light is too strong. Nonetheless, this is one of the favourite pics of the bike.

Three days before Raya, I managed to cycle like usual. Well, almost.

The lake is getting lesser and lesser these days.

Almost deserted here, 3 days before Raya.

These two are a must when cycling. No helmet, no ride.

Look closer, and you'll see two lone islands there.

This thing has clocked to 180 kilometres since I got home.

I just love how the sun ray lights up the trees to their golden glistening forms.

Teluk Bidara, lots of seabathers with nice weather.

Teluk Bidara roadside. Got some speedbreakers which I hate.

Found this along the Teluk Bidara roadside. Dunno what it is though.

Again, I tried to capture the hills and beach in the background through this rugged coconut plantation. To no avail.

Cycling Computers

This two makes me smile. They have been with me to the places where others have never put their steps there. Whether it's windy, sunny, rainy or just silent still.