Monday, January 24, 2011

Unrequited Love

"Unrequited love is love that is not openly reciprocated or understood as such, even though reciprocation is usually deeply desired."

"...In terms of the feelings of the hopeful one, it could be said that they undergo about the same amount of pain as does someone who is going through the breakup of a romantic relationship without ever having had the benefit of being in that relationship..."

Source: Wikipedia

Sunday, January 23, 2011

During Those Days 1

Takde apa pun yang pelik dan menarik dengan gambar-gambar ni.
They are heavily edited as you can see.
Cuma, I just love the ambience in them.
Gambar sekitar jambatan dan muara Sungai Dungun, diambil sekitar penghujung September 2010.
First time berkayuh sampai sini actually.
I love to take pics of new places that I wander around.
Next portfolio will be coming this March 2011.

New Steed

Oh ye, lupa nak memperkenalkan another steed in the stable.
This is a new, medium performance entry level mountain bike.
Bought this on October 2010.
Baru je beberapa kali berkayuh.
Sangat berpuashati di atas pembelian itu.
I got the best deal.

Oh lupa nak kenalkan nama dia.
She is Fuji Nevada 1.0.
Top of the range in Nevada series.
Malam sebelum beli tu aku dah mimpi akan beli the exact bike.
And yeah, I got it in reality.

This is technical specification of her:

Size - 17"
Frame - Fuji Altair 2 Butted 7005 Alloy
Fork - SR Suntour XCR L/Out 100mm
Handlebar - Fuji Alloy
Stem - Fuji Alloy
Seatpost - Fuji Alloy
Saddle - Velo
Crankset - FSA
Shifter - Shimano Deore 9 Speed
Rear Derailleur - Shimano Deore 9 Speed
Front Derailleur - Shimano Deore
Chain - Shimano HG73
Cassette - 9 Speed
Wheelset - Jalco double wall rim / Quando hubs 32h
Brakeset - WinZip mechanical disc brake set
Tyres - Tiandi

Cepatlah wahai bulan Mac, tak sabar nak berkayuh ni...

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Random Utterings

I still remember very well how I got so fricking emotional with one of my friends during earlier secondary school days.

My first album that I bought was a cassette of Hybrid Theory from Linkin Park.
You know what, Linkin Park was one of the few influences in my earlier days of music interest.
All of the songs in it are pleasure to my ears.
I kept listening to it all day long, again and again without bored.
During those days, an original one cost me RM17.
That was quite a sum to me since I was only a daily RM2 earner.
And I was just a school kid back then.
But I didn't mind spending things that I love for the sake of my own satisfaction.
And I just love that album so much.

On one unfortunate day, this dude which is my friend borrowed it from me.
I lent him that album without feeling anything bad.
A few days later, he gave me back that cassette.
And as usual I played it on my walkman.
When it came near to the end of the last song of the Side A of that cassette, I heard something strange.
Some kind of voices uttered in the background.
Sounds of kids shouting crazily.
What the ffff is this? I tried to figure it out.
Goddammit, my Hybrid Theory tape was now becoming a recording tape for some crazy bunch of kids.
I felt like to shout and cry at the same time upon hearing those craziness.

Later, I went to school and tell that dude of what has happened.
I demanded him a new tape.
But he refused to buy me a new one.
He said he was not held responsible for that matter.
He also added, that was purely accidental.
He thought it was a recording tape inside.
Recording tape my ass.
Oh ffff.

After that incident, I became more careful in lending my properties to others.
Sometimes, I lied. Saying I don't have things they asked.
I know it's bad, but I have to do it anyway.

Entri Sakat 1

Aku tak kisah apa dia nak kata.
Meh aku nak story skit.

Ada orang tu kan..Cakap saya-awak dengan blog.
Sweet giler kan?
Kan awak kan?
Awakkkk...Ishhh...Awakkk..Saya cakap niii..Awak tidur pulak yer..Tak senonoh punye blog..Aku cakap dia pi bantai tidur..Patutla takde respons selama ni..Awak tidur eh time saya membebel? Pandai betul taktik awak ngan saya yer..

Jadi tak cakap saya-awak dengan blog?
Hohoho. Aku memang nakal.

Psst..Jangan marah.
Kalau marah tak cool cam saya.